Mystery Sampler 20 Bag

Mystery Sampler 20 Bag CAL |

It’s pattern release Monday again!  This time, I have a special pattern for you. It’s a great stash buster and learning experience rolled into one design. The pattern is called Mystery Sampler 20 Bag. The “mystery” isn’t that you are making a bag – it’s that the rounds are determined by a random number generator! […]

FO Friday – more stash busting - star stripes washcloth closeup

  Are you sensing a theme? I couldn’t resist making one more washcloth in that spike stitch pattern. It’s a simple design so it works up quickly but has just enough change to keep me interested. Obviously – since I’ve now made three of them! I think I’ll take a break and do something else […]

FO Friday – washcloths - spike cloth pink

I’m supposed to be going through my craft supplies, sorting through what I have and weeding out that which I don’t think I’ll ever use. My progress this week? Zip, zilch, nada. Instead, I started organizing the yarn closet – the one stash that isn’t moving downstairs! Despite the fact that I’m organizing the wrong […]

Stash Share

#pileofabricstashshare week 10

I have wanted to participate in Pile O’ Fabric’s weekly Stash Share for a while now but never quite got organized to remember the color scheme for the week, to take pictures while I’m at home and then post them. But they’re at week 10 of this fun activity, and it was time to get […]