FO Friday – washcloths - spike cloth pink

I’m supposed to be going through my craft supplies, sorting through what I have and weeding out that which I don’t think I’ll ever use. My progress this week? Zip, zilch, nada. Instead, I started organizing the yarn closet – the one stash that isn’t moving downstairs!

Despite the fact that I’m organizing the wrong craft, this did need to be done. Partial skeins are being reunited with their full-skein brothers, sock yarns are now grouped together so I can find them all

I’ve even done a little rearranging by fiber types – mainly the cotton yarns. Despite the fact that I gave away several cones of cotton purchased years ago, I still have two left … uh, make that three as I bought that white cone for the basket. I had cotton hiding in multiple bags and now it’s all in one (I think). Suddenly seeing all that lovely yarn together gave me the itch to make some washcloths / dishcloths. They’re quick projects – and so many different patterns to try! - starflower cloth

I was going to make another star washcloth because they were such a big hit in our house. Little Chick *still* talks about how I made her a pink one but the red one was for Bonnie! I was pretty sure I remembered the pattern so I didn’t go looking for it. Turns out my memory is faulty (no big news there). Instead of doing the 15 increases for the star points I only did 7. I knew something was up when I ended up adding more sections. It turned out a bit bigger overall too but not by much.

Eh, so I have a nine-pointed star instead of 6. I named it a “Starflower” cloth instead of starfish. When you fold up the cloth so all the points are together it looks almost like a flower; I bet it would be quite to make another smaller cloth in green to wrap around the bottom and gift it as a flower set!

Pattern: a variation of Starfish Cloth
Designer: Dione Reed, with adjustments by me
Yarn: Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Article 74C, Country Cotton Cones
Colorway: 173 Spring Meadows
My Ravelry Page

I’ve done a lot of knit projects in the past year so for the next washcloth I switched to crochet. Oddly enough, this one is named just “Crochet Washcloth”. Try Google-ing for that pattern! Simple and quick pattern that turned out rather nice. - crochet washcloth

Pattern: Crochet Washcloth
Designer: Little Monkeys Crochet
Yarn: Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Article 74C, Country Cotton Cones
Colorway: 173 Spring Meadows
My Ravelry Page

When I was playing with crochet stitches for Little Chick’s bag I became enamored of the spike stitch. Wouldn’t that make a great washcloth?, I said to myself. I used up the last of the pink starfish cotton along with the Spring Meadows variegated and this is how it turned out. - spike cloth pink

No surprise that this one was also quickly claimed by my daughter. I liked it so much I decided to make another, but this time using two solid colors. - spike cloth blue

The picture looks almost grey, but really it’s a light country blue and navy together. Quite striking in real life.

Even the back of the cloth turns out nice – I like it when cloths or squares are pretty much reversible or at least that both sides look good together. - spike cloth back

Pattern: Spike washcloth
Designer: me / stitch pattern
Yarn for Pink: Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Co., Inc Article 74C, Country Cotton Cones and Peaches & Creme. Blue: Lily Sugar’n Cream
Colorways for pink: 173 Spring Meadows and bright pink. Blue: 1114 Indigo and 00026 light blue
My Ravelry Page pink and blue

I thought I was doing rather well this month using up older stash, not stepping into yarnology or any of the big-box stores. But then I received this in the mail! - yarn swap

I had sent a fellow crafter some wool roving a couple weeks ago. She was looking for some and what I had was in a color I didn’t really care for. I expected a skein of yarn in return – maybe two. Not a whole box! However, only a couple of them are calling to me so perhaps I’ll donate the rest (Mom?).

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  1. Your washcloths are so pretty. My husband’s cousin made us one once that I still use for many cleaning projects because it is so sturdy and washes so well. I love the star pattern – so unusual and the gray and white speaks to my heart because we have a gray, white and yellow kitchen : ) Love to see projects people make!

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and for stopping by my blog.

  2. Hats? – will need projects for summer months and they use up odds and ends. Won’t need any cotton for that though just acrylic or wool and maybe bits of fun fur. Should I share my stash with you? 🙂

    1. Maybe we need a hat-making session (sessions?) during the warm months; I have plenty of scraps to use up but I think you ended up with all of my fun fur 🙂

  3. I especially like the last one, in two colors…looks like a houndstooth check!
    Sounds like your yarn organization will be really helpful. I’ve tried a couple of times to organize my stash by fiber or weight, but I always seem to find some outlaw skeins a week after I think everything has been neatly tidied away. Oh well! At least I been whittling away at stash on the past few months, which is so satisfying!

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