Stash share #11

stash fabric - lime green, charcoal grey and black

Last week was so much fun sharing and matching up new color variations from my stash, I’ve decided to do it again.  This is week 11.

Stash Share #11

and here is what I found in my stash – including a couple of fleece yardages that I had forgotten about!

stash fabric - lime green, charcoal grey and black

Let’s see if I can identify what’s here.

  • starting on the right-hand side: four fabrics from Nordika by Jeni Baker (the grey/black blends and the grey/lime combination).
  • bottom: some green fabric I purchased from Hancock fabrics last year.
  • left: two fabrics from Quilt Diva – the lime green checks and stripes
  • top left: I’m not sure what these two black fabrics are; they were in a collection I have, but it was unmarked.
  • the bright green underneath is Amy Butler Citrus, Solid corduroy.
  • top middle: the green “star light” print fabric and black were just scraps I had in my collection.

What do you think?  I like the sharp contrast between the lime green and grey / black combinations.

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  1. Lots of fabrics, fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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