Just the three of us – Papa (Dave), Mama (Carmen) and Little Chick.

On weekdays Mama goes off to a full-time job and Papa stays at home with Little Chick.  On Saturdays we try to have lots of mommy / daughter time to make up for what was missed during the week.  Sundays are reserved for church and family time.

We live on a small one-acre plot of land, some of which is on a hillside so we can’t use it (except for exercise).  We currently have several hens and aim to get more because we are always running out of eggs!  We grow some of our food, but what we’d really like is a small hobby farm with more outdoor space (smaller house) so we could add a cow and other animals.

We have become big proponents of DIY / make-it-yourself, especially after becoming parents.  Papa has gotten great at making bread and homemade meals for the family (with an occasional hot dog thrown in).  Mama is trying to improve her crafting skills – especially sewing, but her primary loves are knitting and crocheting.

Carmen’s knit and crochet patterns can also be purchased on her website, ASH Fiber Arts, Ravelry and LoveCrafts.  Carmen also offers OBM/Technical Virtual Assistant services to support creative businesses through her other business Called to Design!

We’re glad you stopped by for a visit!  We love to hear what you are working on!

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Such serious faces 🙂