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Merida dolls |

My mother sent me a link this weekend to a great little article by Franklin Habit.  The article is about repetitive knitting – making the same pattern(s) over and over again and how he’s not known for repeating patterns.  I’m not either – I rarely make a pattern twice.  I’ve made lots of washcloths and afghan squares but typically they’re different.  Only occasionally do I the same pattern.

One recent exception to the repeat crafting is Merida:

Merida dolls |

I made the first one for a Disney swap I participated in. When I was finished, Little Chick (and her Mama) loved Merida it was requested I make another. Although they aren’t exactly the same – I changed up the dress some. And somehow it looks as though the second Merida has been hitting the pantry and refrigerator more often LOL.

A couple time I’ve made several of the same pattern for gifts.  One example is the Strib Hat I made for Christmas gifts in 2013 only because I loved the pattern and had to make over 1/2 dozen hats.

Strib hat set |

This past Christmas I made several Pocketbook slippers for friends and family; they were so quick and simple they made great gifts.

Pocketbook slippers |

And then there’s my favorite doily – called “The Gift Doily” or “Two-Toned Doily“.  Again, this one is quick and simple and there’s just something about it that calls me to make another.

Gift doily collage |

That actually sounds like I do a lot of repeat crafting, but according to Ravelry I’ve finished 345 different projects so less than 10% have been repeats.

How about you?  Do you like to stick with a few favorites or mix things up to keep it interesting?

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  1. I can see why that doily is a “repeat” – it’s so pretty!
    I’ve made a few of the “1898 Hat” by Kristine Byrnes (on rav) – started off as charity knitting, but the pattern is so much fun and the hat is so perfect that every time I come across a skein of Cascade 220 in stash, now I just put it aside for another 1898 hat! I might make one for every farmer I know this year.
    I also made one as just an earwarmer instead of a full hat, and wore it every day for chores this past winter. (I really love this pattern.)

    1. I know I’ve seen the 1898 Hat pattern before, but I’ve never made one. Made side-to-side so there’s a double layer over the ears?! Sounds like my kind of hat. I’ll have to add it to my queue. Thanks 🙂 (p.s. I love Cascade 220 myself but sadly my LYS stopped carrying it; they now have Rowan wool instead. It’s nice but I still prefer Cascade)

      1. The double earflap part is side-to-side, and watching it shape itself as you knit is the best fun ever! Then stitches are picked up along the edge and the cap part is knit in the round.
        I’m thinking of trying to make just the earwarmer in the round, to see if I can figure out how to graft the ends of two tubes together neatly when there is i-cord involved. Because I need something else to do 😉

  2. I had to grin about the one dolly hitting the fridge a bit often 🙂
    345 projects is an amazing record! It makes me curious just how many things I have made now but I know it isn’t nearly that much with needles/hooks. I tend to do a lot of variety in my crafting.

    1. I’m so glad I started tracking my projects from the beginning and taking pictures; it’s amazing how easy it is to forget those from years ago.

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