Knitting obsession


My mother recently sent me a link to this article: 20 Signs You’re Truly, Unequivocally OBSESSED with Knitting. Just how would you rate yourself on these? You’re thinking about devoting an entire room to yarn storage. Sigh. I almost had this at one point. Now I’m “down to” a closet … plus whatever is lying […]

#WWKIP 2017

Knitting and crocheting in the park

Yesterday (June 10) was World Wide Knit in Public Day.  It’s an annual event that encourages knitters and crocheters to get out of their homes and show the world their craft.  Anyone can organize an event – yarn shops, guilds or private individuals.  I know there were at least two gatherings in our area. My […]

Sweater Challenge 2017

Eve's Rib Tunic

My local yarn shop (yarnology) held a Sweater Challenge again this year. I tried participating last year, but I kept hitting a sticking point in the front cable of the pattern I chose. It just didn’t look right. Eventually I ended up frogging the whole thing. It’s currently sitting as rewound skeins in a bag […]