Christmas Crickets


There probably is a story about Christmas and Crickets (update: The Cricket on the Hearth), but the crickets I’m referring to here are related to the fact that this site has been silent the last couple of weeks.     We celebrated an extended Thanksgiving weekend with family, decorated Christmas trees in 3 locations, attended […]

Repeat crafting

Merida dolls |

My mother sent me a link this weekend to a great little article by Franklin Habit.  The article is about repetitive knitting – making the same pattern(s) over and over again and how he’s not known for repeating patterns.  I’m not either – I rarely make a pattern twice.  I’ve made lots of washcloths and afghan squares […]

FO Friday – Christmas 2015 - cowls

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Finished object Friday. I had to refrain from posting a lot of my projects because I was afraid my recipients would see their Christmas gifts. And now … looking back, I’m sure you don’t want to see each individual one, so I’ve created some collages for […]