Sweater Challenge 2017

Eve's Rib Tunic

My local yarn shop (yarnology) held a Sweater Challenge again this year. I tried participating last year, but I kept hitting a sticking point in the front cable of the pattern I chose. It just didn’t look right. Eventually I ended up frogging the whole thing. It’s currently sitting as rewound skeins in a bag […]

Christmas Crickets


There probably is a story about Christmas and Crickets (update: The Cricket on the Hearth), but the crickets I’m referring to here are related to the fact that this site has been silent the last couple of weeks. We celebrated an extended Thanksgiving weekend with family, decorated Christmas trees in 3 locations, attended a birthday […]

Crafting #bizwins


I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned in the last 10 months about business in general, craft businesses, marketing and promotion! Sometimes my head is swimming with all that I’ve learned – and how much I realize I still could learn. One of my business guru “idols” is Tara Swiger. […]

FO Friday – stitch markers

circus aluminum stitch markers | ASimpleHomestead.com

At the end of May I accomplished two brave goals. One was to publish my Trinity Cabled pillows. The other was to finally get some stock into the ASimpleHomestead Etsy shop! I’ve been making a variety of different types of stitch markers for a while now. In the past I gave several away to friends […]