FO Friday – couple of cowls - Mesh Stitch Scarf

I’m finding some more projects I made before the end of the year that I never mentioned! - cowl for Tee

The first has an excuse.  I made a cowl several months ago intending it for my sister.  I was sure I was using the yarn she had chosen … and then I found the real yarn.   Oops.  This resulted in a very funky-looking cowl but I know she loves the unique (dare I say “odd”?) so I was hoping she would like it.  She does – or at least she told me she does :-).  She received it at Christmas but had a preview a couple months prior.

I made up the pattern but it’s very simple. I held both strands together and made the garter section middle. Then I went back, picked up stitches on each end and made a stockinette section (mainly because it wasn’t long enough).  Then I seamed the two stockinette sections together per sis’ request.

The Boutique Magical yarn is quite strange – it has really big fluffy bits and other sections that are like normal plied yarn; there was even one section felt like a clear sparkly plastic! When I was done, I knew I wouldn’t use the yarn for anything else so my mother took it; the cowl she made looked COMPLETELY different! I’m not sure what she did – smaller / bigger needles, different stitches?

Pattern: cowl for Tee
Designer: me
Yarn: Red Heart Boutique Magical and RH Anne Geddes Baby
Colorway: 1101 Crystal Ball and Tangerine
My Ravelry page
The other cowl I made is currently hanging in my closet but I’m not sure for how long.  I somehow inherited this variegated yarn sometime in 2015.  I love the colors!!!  The yarn?  Not.  You know how people talk about the stiffness and scratchiness of Red Heart Super Saver?  This yarn is worse.  It was miserable crocheting with it and only softened slightly after washing.  Maybe I should just keep throwing back in the wash to see if it improves with time, because I really love the look of this cowl! - Mesh Stitch Scarf

The colors were a little hard to capture but it has a deep purple, a lighter purple, deep blue, turquoise and lime green.  I only wish I could find a better yarn with the same colors! - Mesh Stitch Scarf closeup

Pattern: Mesh Stitch Scarf (free)
Designer: Meladoras Creations
Yarn: Craft Smart Value Ombres (apparently Michaels sells this?)
Colorway: 17 Giverny
My Ravelry page

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  1. It is fun to try yarn as in the cowl for your sister. And the result will always be unique! I also liked the colors in your second cowl, sad that it does not feel soft and good.

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