FO Friday – TAAT socks - TAAT socks

We’re coming up to an anniversary. Not a wedding or anything – but the anniversary of when my brother-in-law asked me for socks. I believe it was 2 years ago (hopefully not 3) that I brought some purple sock yarn on our trip to Florida with the idea that I was going to try making socks.  Never happened.  But he said he would take socks in that yarn and has been bugging reminding me ever since.

Keep in mind – I’ve only ever made one pair of socks!  Well, two if you count the socks I started and then frogged because I wasn’t happy with them.  That second attempt also made me realize that if I was going to ever make another pair – or several pairs even, I needed to knuckle down and learn how to make two-at-a-time socks, sometimes abbreviated TAAT.  The method I used was Silver’s Sock Class, a popular tutorial and it’s free!  There are actually several tutorials but I went with the TAAT, toe-up (instead of cuff-down) using a magic loop on one long circular needle.  The class recommends making your first socks using worsted weight yarn because it would be easier; after learning the technique, you can easily transfer your skills to smaller weight yarns.

I did make one change.  Instead of trying to figure out her cast-on method (harder because it’s all pictures), at the same time I learned Judy’s Magic Cast-on. - TAAT socks

I’d heard that some of the trickiness in making socks two-at-a-time was making sure you were using the correct yarn, since you need two separate balls to knit from.  So … I thought making different colors would help me keep track :-).  I’m not sure if it was easier or not since I had even more tails and balls to work with, but I now have fraternal socks.  These are straight off the needles – before blocking because I was just too excited to try them on and show them off. - TAAT socks side

The thickness of the yarn almost makes them feel a little bit more like slippers, but they keep my feet nice and toasty.

If you’re reading this Eric … those purple socks ARE coming.  I’m getting close to being finished LOL!

Pattern: a combination of Silver’s Two Toe-Up Socks on One Circular Needle Tutorial along with Judy’s Magic Cast-on
Designer: Kristin Bellehumeur
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash
Colorways: 904 Colonial Blue and 1961 Camel
Modeled by: me
My Ravelry page

How about you… ever made socks? Dreamed of making socks? Any favorite techniques or tips?

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  1. Your socks look great! Congratulations! I have only knitted toe-up socks once. The way you used the colors makes lovely socks. I am sure your brother will be happy.
    When I saw this pattern I was thinking on you LOL

    Something to knit for your chickens? 😀

    1. I’ve seen those chicken sweaters before :D. We only had a week or two of really cold weather and the chickens are doing fine – just not laying eggs.

  2. I surprised someone with a pair of handknit socks last week. She was so happy she cried! Tell Eric to get his hanky ready 😉

  3. I have never made TAAT socks before but I do make socks from time to time. I never managed to figure out the patterns for the heels so I have always just had to look at a pair of socks and figure it out on my own. Your socks are really cute. I like the way the colors are.

    1. I’m now a fan and can understand why so many people rave about the Fish Lips Kiss Heel (cost $1). I didn’t use that for these two-color socks, but I used them on my brother-in-law’s socks. It creates a nice smooth heel. I had trouble grasping how it would work at first but a friend urged me on and I was able to break through the confusion.

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