Crafty Christmas – at Hogwarts

Charlie modeling Hogwarts scarf

Papa loves the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, so I decided to give him a Harry Potter Christmas this year. The first item was a scarf made in the Gryffindor house colors. I know the colors of the yarn I picked aren’t quite “right”, but hopefully he won’t mind. Below is the scarf as modeled by “Cindy” (Mom made her YEARS ago. She really needs her neck re-stuffed and to get some more clothes other than that one t-shirt)

Papa's Christmas gift modeled by Cindy

The scarf “pattern” was just something I made up. It’s just a single crochet stitch.

Papa's Christmas scarf

He’ll also be receiving a bottle of “Butterbeer”. Really it’s a bottle of butterscotch Schnapps with a butterbeer label I found online. My sister’s bringing cream soda to complete the “recipe” for butterbeer. [update – we left “our” gifts at home, so he unwrapped the cream soda at my parents and of course was dumbfounded why he would get cream soda for Christmas!

Harry Potter Christmas - Butterbeer

The biggest present, and probably the most difficult to figure out was the shadowbox. I purchased a Marauder’s Map (purchased here). The Bertie’s Botts Everyflavor Beans I think we bought when the last/7th book was released (I’m sure they’re stale and hard, so I figured they could go into the box). The glasses are an old pair of mine that I thought looked similar to Harry’s. The house crests are something I found online and printed up. I also found a little bottle (JD?) and printed a Veritaserum label for it. The little round thing in the left corner is my polymer clay version of a Golden Snitch. The wand is a stick from our back yard, stripped of bark, varnished and with one coat of polyurethane. I also created a handle for it from polymer clay. You can’t see, but it has a little serpent wrapped around the handle (also in black) – maybe I can get a better picture after he opens his gift.

Harry Potter Christmas shadowbox

I also made up a piece of “parchment” with his letter of acceptance to Hogwarts.  I hope he enjoys his gifts!

12/28 update: Here’s Charlie modeling the scarf!

Charlie modeling Hogwarts scarf

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