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Bouclé Bath Mat in progress

Last year, I made my sister a pair of mittens. Looking back, I’m not all that happy with the way they turned, but it really was my first project beyond an afghan. She wanted a hat in the same charcoal grey as the mittens. She picked out the Peruvian Earflap Hat from earlier this year. I was really fortunate to find that Caron Simply Soft which I used for the mittens had a blue that would work perfectly as an accent color to match her blue boots! My biggest struggle with this hat was trying to get the size right. I know I have a pretty large head (hold the comments please! 😀 ), but even the largest size of the pattern seemed to small, so I ended up improvising and adding more stitches until I thought it was big enough. Here’s Cindy again to show how the hat looks: - Peruvian set

If I knew how to knit, I would have added I-cord for “strings” from the earflaps. I tried braiding 3 strands of yarn together but it seemed too small. So, I ended up putting the three strands together and creating a chain of them. They could’ve been longer, but I’m not sure she’ll use them to tie anyway.
[update 12/27 – the hat was too small, so I’ll have to make another one :]

Earlier this year I subscribed to the magazine Interweave Crochet. Mom was looking through the Summer 2008 edition and decided she liked the look of a cotton bath mat that was featured. When I asked if she was going to make it, it didn’t sound like she thought it was worth the effort of getting the pattern and the yarn. So, I decided I’d make it FOR her!

Bouclé Bath Mat in progress

The trick to this pattern is that every other row you’re creating loops by wrapping the yarn around another crochet hook.

I’d made about 1/3 of the pattern and wasn’t happy about how the loops kept pulling back to the other side. I was just about desperate in thinking I’d have to sew them so they would stay put or give up on the pattern altogether when I ran across a link on that pointed me in the right direction. Someone else made the pattern and realized that if you reversed the clockwise/counter-clockwise wrapping around the hooks, the loops were “locked” and wouldn’t come undone. So, I “frogged” the whole thing and started over. My husband’s response was “So, this is for your parents for NEXT year?”. I wasn’t sure at that point if I was going to get it done in time, but once the loops stayed where they were supposed to, the pattern actually made up quickly.

Bouclé Bath Mat finished

The original pattern was in a turquoise with a red border. Yuck! I picked the cream color because it was more neutral, and I’m pretty sure the denim blue will go in their bathroom.

Bouclé Bath Mat

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