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I’ve had cast-on-itis lately.  I keep starting projects and not finishing many.  I also haven’t posted much here as I tend to only post my Works In Progress (WIPs) on Instagram and not here.   Part of my crazy beginnings have been due to changes in my schedule.

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This is how I currently have my whole design schedule laid out. It looks insane, but there’s a method to my madness (I hope). Someday I’ll talk more about it.

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While we were camping I know I mentioned I was working on a pair of mittens. My goal was to finish them before we arrived home. Good thing for me I got them done on Saturday because I was physically and mentally wiped out on Sunday.

Milwaukee mittens | ASimpleHomestead.com

My next plan was to finish a second pair of mittens 3 days later. What was I thinking?! Especially since 1) I had to go back to work full-time and 2) these are double-knit which means it takes me longer to make even simple stitches because of the switching back and forth in colors.  It was clear I wasn’t going to finish on time so I changed gears.

cowl design | ASimpleHomestead.com

I moved up a scheduled FO from later in the week.  I planned to work up a boot cuff design I’d had written down years ago but never actually made. Trouble is, mid-stream I knew I didn’t really want to make a boot cuff – I wanted to make cowl instead. AND … wouldn’t a hat to match be awesome? Uh oh. That means I won’t get this project done in time either.

I ended up revamping a lot of my schedule this week. Good thing those stickers are removable! And then I cast on a new item…

mock eyelet cable hat | ASimpleHomestead.com

Now I’m working on a hat design.  My deadline for this is, um, today.  However, hats are quick and with the Packer game and the Olympics on tonight I should be able to finish :-). Most of these deadlines aren’t hard-and-fast rules either. I just have a few I want released by a specific date because it makes sense.

What are your current projects right now?

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  1. I *was* knitting a loose cotton top using up lots of single skeins, but when #DrawingAugust began, that became my “free time” project. And now I’ve even fallen behind on that because of the problems in Goat World…still working on Tansy’s mysterious lameness. I sure hope this awful heat/humidity combo breaks soon. I actually did housework yesterday because it was just too miserable to be outside except for chores!
    Good luck with all your projects and designing – that schedule looks pretty complex!

  2. I too, have a lot of ufo’s, because of the torn tendon in my right hand. I am also having a lot of medical problems. I live in North Carolina and would appreciate any prayers. I look forward to reading your blog and amazed at what all you get accomplished.

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