Crafting #bizwins


I can not begin to tell you how much I have learned in the last 10 months about business in general, craft businesses, marketing and promotion! Sometimes my head is swimming with all that I’ve learned – and how much I realize I still could learn. One of my business guru “idols” is Tara Swiger. […]


cowl design |

I’ve had cast-on-itis lately.  I keep starting projects and not finishing many.  I also haven’t posted much here as I tend to only post my Works In Progress (WIPs) on Instagram and not here.   Part of my crazy beginnings have been due to changes in my schedule. This is how I currently have my whole […]

Mitten mishap

I’m beginning to struggle a little bit with what I can post because believe it or not, I’ve started some of my Christmas crafting! It’s great that I’m actually a tiny bit ahead of the game this year, but it also means there are certain projects I’m finishing that I can’t share! It’s torture! I […]