FO Friday: Wonderland mittens - Wonderland mittens - Wonderland mittens

This was week #2 for the #12DaysofChristmasCAL and the project for the week was mittens. I opted to make the child-size mittens and got them done just in the nick of time. Not that I procrastinated much – we only have a week to make each project to enter the giveaway contest!

I liked both sides of the mittens, and actually prefer the “inside” a bit more, so I was very careful when seaming and sewing these up not to leave stray ends so they are completely reversible. The one on the left is supposed to be the exterior and the right is inside out.

Which do you prefer?

I’m not sure if I’ll save these for Little Chick or put them in my donation pile. They are rather nice mittens. Normally crocheted mittens leave little holes but this used lots of slip stitches so the end result is more dense.

Pattern: Wonderland Mittens
Designer: Janaya Chouinard
Yarn: Red Heart with Love
Colorway: Violet
My Ravelry page - aluminum stitch markers

I’ve also been making some stitch markers. I was bored with the plain silver/nickel jump rings I had so I ordered a bunch of bright colorful ones from Amazon. What I didn’t pay attention to was the fact that these were not steel; they’re aluminum. It means they are easy to pry apart and work with but with use they could easily distort and bend. Still, gluing a bead to the center of them seems to add some stability – and makes it even prettier. I made up a bunch of these and then promptly gave them away to friends and family, so I need to make some more for myself! 🙂

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3 Replies to “FO Friday: Wonderland mittens”

  1. Lovely mittens, and so smart to let them be reversible. I think I liked the inside best! The stitch markers were very nice too.

  2. Both sides are nice – don’t think I could choose!
    The stitch markers are very pretty. I have bought and lost so many I have given up – now I just make loops of contrasting yarn. Not very attractive but at least I don’t have to turn the furniture inside out every time one of them disappears 😉

    1. My mother loses so many she has resorted to cut up straws for markers 🙂

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