FO Friday: the saved hat - unknown hat and Scrumptious Scarf on me

A month or so ago, I was looking for some blanket-quantity yarn stash and wasn’t finding anything that seemed like it would work. In desperation (trying not to buy yarn), I appealed to my mother.  I know more of her stash is in Florida, but I thought I might be able to find something in her stash that would make a baby blanket.  She did find a yarn that might work (although I haven’t started the blanket yet) … and then I ended up coming home with a few additional yarns she wasn’t sure what to do with.

One of them was a wool/acrylic blend in a manly-looking charcoal grey.  She gave me one full skein, a little bit of leftover and a hat she had started years ago but never finished.  She had planned to give it to my father and knit to the point where all it needed was the sides seamed up!  Now that they spend most of the year in Florida the hat is no longer practical. - unknown hat and Scrumptious Scarf

It was really hard to capture the actual color of this yarn. Take both pictures and merge them together and you’ll get close. It’s a darker grey but you can see the flecks of brown.

{… most sentences lately start with …}  I found a CAL (crochet-a-long).  It was for a scarf and the yardage would be perfect with this yarn.  However, when I pulled it out of the bag, I thought it seemed such a shame to rip out all the work she did, so I decided to try a shorter version of the scarf, using only the full skein + leftovers. - unknown hat and Scrumptious Scarf on me

I succeeded but just barely. There’s isn’t a scrap of this yarn left – except what I cut off after weaving in the ends! And the good news is that I was able to salvage the hat. There was just enough of a yarn tail to seam it up. So now I have a set! Granted the hat is knit and the scarf is crocheted, but who cares?  I think they look great together.

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  1. That hat is CUTE! I didn’t even think about the knit/crochet thing, but when you pointed it out I realized I really like it that they are a little different…makes things even more interesting 🙂

  2. Cute set! I really like the hat.

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