FO Friday – the July edition

JMF Vest - full view

I wish I had more to show for July.  It seems like I have accomplished more, but I guess not.

Let me start with a simple project, but one that’s been sitting on the floor of my craft room for a few weeks (as evidence of wrinkles would indicate).  I didn’t like the way this t-shirt fit me – it just seemed to hang loose and baggy on the sides.

shirt refit

The straight arrow on the right is the “before” picture.  Each of the sides was tacked in 2 1/2″ around the waistline and then I curved them up to the original seams.  The curved arrow is the “after”.  Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t show a dramatic difference, but I notice it when I’m wearing it.  It’s so much more comfortable and less frumpy-feeling.

I found a contest where you were asked to create a quilt design using Jungle Ave fabrics.  Did you know there are websites that will allow you to create basic designs?  They are fun to play with.  This is what I came up with.

Jungle Ave fabrics quilt design layout

Given the winners’ designs I saw, I know why mine wasn’t chosen – it’s too “basic”. However, I’d love to use this pattern and make a quilt for Little Chick.  These are basically the colors of her bedroom if you substitute navy blue for the black.

Speaking of Little Chick, she and I had a great time in the craft room a couple of weeks ago.  We had gone to a local festival, came home when we’d had our fill of over-priced food … and she had enough of park-time (isn’t it ironic her most favorite part was free?!).  10 min after we arrived home we had a torrential downpour for next 30 min or so.  I think we ended up with 2-3″ in that short amount of time.  What’s better to do when you can’t play outside?  Craft!  She made this butterfly.

butterfly crafting

She has discovered the summer-time joys of freeze pops.  But her little hands get cold.  I’ve tried wrapping the pops with a washcloth, but it slips off too easily.  So … this crafty mama came up with a better alternative.

Freeze Pop holders

I’ve seen patterns for these before, but I decided to just wing it and try making my own without a pattern.  The top one was my first design.  The closer I got to finishing to more it reminded me of … well, of a “willie warmer”.  Don’t ask me how I know – just that I’ve seen patterns for those out there too (there are some strange people!)

Papa suggested I make more of an open-ended sleeve that could be pushed along as the popsicle gets eaten.  I like the second version much better!

Pattern: Freeze Pop Holders I and II
Designer: me
Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Colorway: 1742 Bright blue
My Rav project page

The yarn for the freeze-pop holders was leftovers from some cotton yarn my mother-in-law brought the last time she went home.  She gets donations of yarn all the time for the mittens she makes, but she won’t use cotton.  Most of the yarn from that skein went to making this cute dolphin washcloth.

Dolphin dishcloth

It turned out huge – but that’s because I used a larger-sized needle than the pattern called for.  The picture shows some pretty uneven stitches, but I hadn’t washed it yet at all which would help smooth out the look.

Pattern: Dolphin Dishcloth
Designer: Kelly Daniels
Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Colorway: 1742 Bright blue
My Rav project page

The biggest project I worked on this month has to be a vest I designed. The working title I have for this is “JMF Vest” – because I used Juniper Moon Farms yarn.  The yarn is called Moonshine – a mixture of alpaca, wool, and a little silk.  It’s dreamily soft!

JMF Vest - full view

What you see above is a fake.  It looks like it might be finished, but it’s not.  You see when I was designing, I forgot that this model has a rather large belly.  And so when I finished the bottom and went to try it on… It. Didn’t. Fit.  🙁

JMF Vest - back detail

I have a plan for redoing it to make it work, but I was disgusted enough I set it aside for a while until I can face it again.  Well, that and the fact that I had to go purchase another skein – and I have a couple of other items I want to finish up this month.  I’m pretty sure the overall design I planned still will work, but I need to adjust the ribbed and lace sections on the lower half.

I also want to make some changes to the edges.  I only put a finished edge on the armholes but I’m not real fond of it.  I’m hoping to find something I like that will look nice around the armholes, neckline, and down the front.

Pattern: JMF Vest
Designer: Me
Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine
Colorway: 22 Turquoise
My Rav project page

At least the matching earrings I made the same week look fabulous!

JMF Vest earrings

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  1. Wow, you have been very busy and productive! Sometimes those little projects like the teeshirt modification are the ones that take me the longest to get around to, then take such a short time to finish and are very satisfying.
    Love the freezepop holder – what a great idea!

  2. Very nice vest! Wish I had the figure to match it. You selected some great stitches that make it very distinct. Cute as a button!

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