Giveaways update

I realize I haven’t posted any giveaway listings in the last several weeks.  I apologize.  Summer just has too much going on and I’ve felt I need to spend more time outdoors, with my family and crafting … not necessarily in that order.

Someday in the future I may post them again.  What I’d really like is to see if anyone reads the giveaway post links – so if you’d like to see me start them up again, would you mind leaving a comment here to let me know that?  If I don’t get any responses, I’ll assume I was just doing it for my benefit – and I have alternative ways of tracking them.


7 Replies to “Giveaways update”

  1. I enjoy the giveaway posts. 🙂

  2. Love them hope you will post them in the future. 😉

  3. Nicole Sender says: Reply

    I enjoy your giveaway posts!

  4. John Hutchens says: Reply

    I always enjoy them and miss them . I really appreciate the time you take to post the great giveaways. thank you

  5. I would love that you continue. I would come to this site weekly to see what you have listed for giveaways. These were some of the best around. Please continue to post them.

  6. Hi, I really enjoy all of your posts but I have to say that the give-aways are my favorite! I hope that you will continue with this portion of your postings as “these are some of the best around” as Birdiebee says stated! I look forward to checking to see what you have posted for the week. Thank you for all of the previous ones that you have kindly shared with us all. I also like to see the items that you have won. Thanks for the time you spent sharing!

  7. odd that i had just found your giveaway site a day before you stopped using it for the summer. i am one who is just waiting happily for the autumn when, i hope, you will again be ‘into’ letting us all know about all the various giveaways available! hope your summer is going wonderfully!


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