FO Friday – Snowflakes in June

crocheted snowflake

It’s time for…

Finished Object Friday

How many patterns to you suppose it takes before you can consider yourself a designer? I ask because I’m now up to four. The first one I called Music Note Puffies (free on Ravelry). I think it’s awful, but there have been a few projects and several downloads so I guess I’ll leave it up.  I designed a hat two summers ago and a dishcloth pattern a month ago that I’m trying to get tested in one of my Yahoo newsletter groups before they are released.  Last week I whipped up this:

crocheted snowflake

My first snowflake design.  I’m calling it Snowflakes in June … because I haven’t come up with a good naming scheme yet for my designs.  I’m also having this one tested and hope to have it available soon.

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