A temporary reprieve from the rain…

little hen

I wanted to take pictures yesterday morning … but it started to rain. I wanted to take pictures last night … but it was pouring. Today was the first day I can remember in a long time when we have had sunshine for most of the day.

garden bed with peas and beans

Our garden is growing – albeit slowly. What do you notice first in this bed? I see weeds and grass. It’s been either so wet or air-laden with mosquitoes we haven’t been able to keep up with the weeds. It’s funny because I was out there almost every day after we first planted to take care of any little sign of weeds.

garden bed #2 with tomatoes, pepper, peas

Our tomato and pepper plants aren’t very big – they need sunshine. They also needed critter protection. Usually, we have to worry about rabbits or deer, but Opal did a good job of taking the tops off two of them. I’m surprised they survived. She had the whole acre to find greens and bugs but headed straight for the garden instead. She almost ended up in the stewing pot that night as I assumed I’d have to replace those two plants.

Our little chicks are getting big. Papa has been letting them out into the run this week and they are holding their own.

little hen

The consensus now is that there are 3 hens and 2 pullets.  I haven’t spent a lot of time with the fab five … mostly so there’s no attachment to the males.

It’s really hard to get a picture of them. The red light flashes on the camera and they scatter. They hear a tiny noise and they scatter. Papa flaps his arms… you guessed it.

four of our five little chicks

They have only a few more days as the youngest chicks on the land. Sometime around this weekend, our new flock of chicks should be arriving and we’ll have a full coop/brooder area.  It’ll be fun to see what Little Chick thinks of the young-ins.

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