FO Friday: Fingerbowl doily and a basket - FingerBowl Doily

Not much to show this week but I suppose I do need time to spend with family, clean the house (? nah.) and do other projects.

I love working with thread and making doilies but I haven’t done much of it recently. I’ve done a fair job of finishing the projects I’ve started in the last few years, but sadly the oldest UFO (unfinished object) is my Between Meals Centerpiece doily. It hasn’t been touched in over a year and still looks like this. - BMC doily

I think I have less than 10 rounds to go, but of course, each round increases in size and takes longer to finish.

Another project I’m working on got me diving into my extensive thread stash and I decided it was time to find a quick doily that would allow me to have the pleasure of finishing a doily without pulling me away from the other projects I want to work on.

I found an old pattern that looked intriguing. And by old, I mean older than me (LOL). It’s from 1951 and I got my version from the Yahoo group Celt’s Vintage Crochet. If you love “antique” thread patterns, I highly recommend joining Christine / Celty’s email group. She takes out of print patterns and retypes and formats them into nice, readable patterns. - FingerBowl Doily

This took me 3 days to finish – two nights and a sick day at home. Probably only 8 hours total, including weaving in several ends.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but doilies are nice to have on hand in case you need a quick gift.

Pattern: Fingerbowl Doily
Designer: Woman’s Day
Threads: Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet (size 10) and J&P Coats Royale Classic Crochet Thread
Colorways: 0420 Cream and 0450 Aqua
My Ravelry page

I know I’ve said time and again how much I love knit-alongs and crochet-alongs (KALs/CALs). Last month I discovered that the Red Heart Lovers group on Ravelry hosts a monthly KAL/CAL with prizes sponsored by Red Heart yarns. They choose one specific knit and one crochet pattern to make. You can make modifications to the patterns but there is a requirement to use a yarn or thread produced by Red Heart.

In April, the patterns were a crocheted owl basket and a simple garter stitch knit basket. - 128-32 breadbasket

I’m glad I chose this pattern. I read the comments of others that had worked the crocheted version, which used lots of front and back post stitches and how hard it was on the hands. This basket was easy and quick (~2-3 hours). - 128-32 breadbasket bottom

The basket is worked side-to-side using short rows to make a large circle, much the same way the Almost Lost Washcloth is made. Then you fold the edges down to help support the sides and push on the center to create the bottom.

It even works great as a hat, as demonstrated by my resident chocolate-faced project-snatcher. - 128-32 breadbasket hat

I didn’t get great pictures of the basket but it’s already in use holding some play dough molds!

Pattern: 128-32 Breadbasket
Designer: DROPS design
Yarn: Red Heart with Love
Colorway: Aran
Modeled by: Little Chick
My Ravelry page

6 Replies to “FO Friday: Fingerbowl doily and a basket”

  1. Nice job, they are both super cute!

  2. Beautiful work, and your model made me laugh!
    I am always impressed with crochet doily-makers – the work just seems so fine and detailed and perfect. A few years ago I met a woman who crochets some amazingly fine things…I think the last one I saw on her ravelry projects page was a lampshade! I never would have thought of that as a fiber project.

  3. The doily is very cute. And even cuter is the chocolate-faced girl with basket hat 🙂 Your UFO doily will be lovely, so keep on and pick it up and try to finish it !

  4. Wow I love your doily and the basket. Your daughter looks so cute with it as a hat! Have a nice day.
    Julie xo

  5. I love your doilies! I’ve done a bunch of snowflakes the last two years and am trying to tell myself that doilies can’t be that much different.

    1. Doilies are JUST like snowflakes – only you have more rounds to do! If you can work with thread and make snowflakes, doilies will be a breeze!

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