FO Friday – Christmas 2015 - cowls

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Finished object Friday. I had to refrain from posting a lot of my projects because I was afraid my recipients would see their Christmas gifts. And now … looking back, I’m sure you don’t want to see each individual one, so I’ve created some collages for a quick summary.

Per usual, I started stressing about what to make for gifts this year. Then finally hit me, that I’m not responsible for making people happy on Christmas and that I should just make what I want.  Then I could take my finished projects and match them to a recipient.  That made Christmas projects SO MUCH EASIER! Why did I not think of this before?!?

Earlier this year I had made a pair of Pocketbook slippers as a trial run. They were so quick and fun that I made several more for friends, one for a sister-in-law (the other has now asked for a pair) and one pair for my mother. Little Chick picked out the buttons I added to dress them up a bit. - pocketbook slippers

These are also fun, because when the gift package is opened, everyone Oohs and Ahhs … but they have no idea what they are LOL!

For the great-nieces I decided to try out some quick bulky or super-bulky cowls as gifts. I made three and kept one for myself. They seemed to be a hit. - cowls

Right around Thanksgiving, I got an itch to use up some cotton stash and decided to make washcloths for the grown-up nieces and as teacher gifts. - washcloths

This would have been quick and simple if it was just one per person, but that’s not much of a gift. So each one got 2 or 3 washcloths (which made for a large stack to create!), some also had circles that could be used as scrubbies or makeup removers, and each received a bar of locally made soap.

My dad is a hard gift recipient – because he says he doesn’t need anything. Well, everyone washes their face, right? - tractor washcloths

(the left washcloth is deep red; I was still stuck using my non-permanent laptop when this picture was created).

I’m rather proud of these – they’re my own design and meant to remind him of his farmer heritage :-).

Do you have any memorable Christmas gifts – given or received, this year?

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  1. I missed the tractors until I saw your blog. Maybe I will sleep with them since l do not have a bear.

  2. The pocketbook slippers are neat. It is hard to imagine just how they work without seeing them on. I like your tractor design on the washcloths! You made a lot of neat projects.

    1. Silly me! I never posted the pictures of them on my feet! There’s a new post out now: Pocketbook slippers

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