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ASimpleHomesteadlcom - Checkerboard Textures Afghan

Remember last year when I suddenly got the urge to work on not one, not two, but THREE different afghans at the same time?  Yep, crazy.   Well, I finally finished one of them.

I started off making three of each of the different squares for the bi-weekly patterns.  It seemed fun back then.

ASimpleHomesteadlcom - Checkerboard Textures Afghan Cross Stitched Square

This was the afghan that gave me my first taste of true granny squares.  The problem was that I was using Red Heart Super Saver.  Now, I’m not so much of a yarn snob that I don’t understand why people buy that yarn.  I get it.  It’s inexpensive, easy to obtain and comes in a wide variety of colors.  But most of the colors are just too rough for me.  I can only work with them for so long before I have to switch to another project.

ASimpleHomesteadlcom - Checkerboard Textures Afghan Granny Square

And it seemed like the square patterns suddenly all became very similar – using a lot of front post stitches.  I got bored with the square patterns, didn’t like the yarn … and so this project sat for more than a year.  My LYS (local yarn store) is having a WIPs contest this month.  I had over 1/2 dozen WIPs I could have finished and entered, but somehow this one called to me.  I finished 3 1/2 squares to bring me up to a total of 12 and called it quits.  I found some leftover Carrot color deep in the stash and outlined each of the squares to bring them all together.  Then I finished with some more of the Aran Fleck and the last little bit of Coffee I had.  I have about 1/2 a skein of Aran Fleck left, 50g of Cafe (the medium brown) and only 5g of the Coffee.  Talk about cutting it close!

ASimpleHomesteadlcom - Checkerboard Textures Afghan

Not sure what I’m going to do with it now that it’s finished.  It’s not a full afghan; the size is small enough I’d call it more of a lap robe.  But it is DONE! and that makes me happy.

Pattern: Checkerboard Textures Throw with a few made-up square patterns
Designer: Katherine Eng
Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver
Colorways: 4313 Aran Fleck, 0360 Cafe, 0365 Coffee, and 0256 Carrot
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