Wordless Wednesday

temperatures - Jan 7, 2015
temperatures - Jan 7, 2015

Ok, so I can’t leave this wordless…  Brr!  Actually, we broke their estimate – we made it to 0°F by this afternoon.

Papa put a heat lamp in the chicken coop last night.  He had to shoo some of the hens inside – they seemed to say “but I can’t sleep with the light on”.  Regardless we felt that with all 14 bodies in the small insulated coop, along with a little heat that the lamp provided they would be plenty warm.  As for us, we turned on our electric mattress pads (ahhh ….) but felt guilty because Little Chick doesn’t have one.  She must have been at least a tad cold last night because her covers never got kicked off they usually do.

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  1. Sounds cold! We had a few days at Christmas when it was 9 F. I think that is cold enough. Now we have mild weather again, 40 F.

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