Duck Weather

puddles and ponds

It rained almost an inch (.85″) last Monday.  It rained 1.5″ on Tuesday.  It rained another 2.5″ on Wednesday. It rained .9″ yesterday. (For my metric friends: 2.2 + 3.8 + 6.4 + 2.3 cm). We had a brief shower yesterday morning after seeing the sun’s glorious face – for about 30 min during church. There’s […]

The Return of Winter

winter is back

  Two days ago I snapped a picture of our front yard. It was hard to believe how spring-like it looked on the 22nd of February. We had so many days of 50-60°F (10-15°C) weather the past couple of weeks that all the snow had melted – except in a few places where it had been […]