Wintry Wednesday - snowman

I had forgotten … in my aging process, I didn’t remember how exciting the first snowfall could be to a child.  Last week our yard looked like this. - our backyard

Most of the leaves were gone from the trees thanks to several windy days, but oddly enough we hadn’t even seen a trace of snow yet.  Yesterday morning, the yard looked like this. - our backyard

Beautiful, soft-landing, sticky snow.  I don’t mind the snow.  Actually, I rather enjoy it, especially if I can stay home and don’t have to travel (I had to go to work).  What I don’t enjoy is the cold snap that inevitably follows.  Today – and for the next several, our high temps are not going to break the freezing mark.  Brrr.

Anyway … back to our first snowfall.  Little Chick couldn’t wait to get outside and play.  We had to convince her that footie pajamas were not proper snow-play apparel. - I want to play in the snow!

Some of our snow melted yesterday, but she and Papa did manage to make a snowman.  I think Papa felt he cheated as they didn’t roll a huge snowball for the base (it’s too far to bend down!) and instead filled a couple of buckets.  I say use whatever works!  It’s not cheating when you use buckets and pails at the beach to build a sandcastle. - snowman

They did a decent job given that our snowfall wasn’t more than a couple of inches.  “Olaf” only has one arm because someone pull the other out and used it to stab him several times (ugh).  Where it disappeared to after that is anyone’s guess.  There’s a hole where his nose is supposed to be because “Sven” the wonder-Basset/reindeer stole the carrot.  THREE times!  Papa might have to make a wooden carrot for future snowmen.

 For some reason, this never posted on Wednesday so don’t get confused if you are just seeing it now.  I post-dated it.

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  1. It is magic for a child to wake up to a morning like this! And the snowman looks great, I think it was a smart way to make a snowman. It reminds me of the days when our boys where kids 🙂
    We have not had any snow yet, only rain and rain. We have not seen the sun in November, I would not mind a day with sun. It is so dark and gray, so a little snow would also make it a bit brighter.

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