Warm and snuggly Wednesday

ASimpleHomestead.com - evenings by the fire

This past weekend we had a warm-up into the 40ºF temps, which was nice for the guys who went hunting.  Or should I say sitting?  They didn’t see anything at all.  Venison may not be in the forecast this year.  It did make it for nice walking though – a bit foggy and misty, but I wasn’t going to complain about the warmer temps in November!

ASimpleHomestead.com - foggy walk

Then Monday came and it snowed.  And Wednesday came … and it’s snowing.  Not that we’ve gotten a lot of snow – just a couple inches here and there, but I don’t think we’ll have any problem experiencing a white Christmas this year.

Meanwhile, we’ve been having some warm and cozy evenings.  In an attempt to limit the amount of technology our daughter watches or plays within a day, we’ve taken to using our fireplace.  It’s in the living room (separate from the family room where the television is) – a room that has been rather unused compared to the rest of the house.

ASimpleHomestead.com - evenings by the fire

Papa turned our wing back chairs so instead of facing into the room they now face the fireplace.  We’ve had several evenings in the past week with Papa reading aloud from the Little House books, Mama knitting, Little Chick running around (and not really paying attention), and eating freshly-made popcorn.  Finley wanders around whining until we feed him popcorn.  Last night Little Chick brought out a puzzle to work on.  What wonderful memories we’re accumulating!

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  1. Your evenings in the living room by the fireplace sounds lovely! And I am sure your daughter get some of the stories from the book, even if she plays around 🙂 At least she gets the good atmosphere. You are right about that you are accumulating wonderful memories. I know from our grown up sons that such memories are something they remember from childhood.

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