FO Friday – Afghan sampler #6 and #7

Afghan Sampler Square - Rippling Diag - front

We must have had some good bath times this last week.  On Thursday last week (9/12), this is where my latest two afghan squares stood:

Afghan Sampler Squares - Rippling Diag and Star Stitch

About 3-4 rows of one square and only one row of another.  Number 7 came about because wanted to switch from knitting (I was doing a lot downstairs), so I started the crocheted dishcloth – with the same yarn!  I don’t recommend that.  Especially when you’re getting down towards the end of the skein.  I can safely say I spent just as much time untwisting, sorting and pulling out knots in the yarn as I did actually working on these two squares!

You’ve seen the first square pattern before – I made that as a washcloth back in June, when I was making a bunch of washcloths.  I liked it so much I thought it would make a pretty square.  I changed it so I didn’t have the nice edges on the side that you need for a washcloth to prevent curling.  I don’t need that for fitting afghan square together.

Afghan Sampler Square - Rippling Diag - front

Even the back looks pretty neat

Afghan Sampler Square - Rippling Diag - back

Pattern: Rippling Diag. It can be found in the KALS 2012 files folder in the Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo group.
Designer: Janet Nogle
Yarn: Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn
Colorway: 240 Linen
My Rav project page

I remember trying the star stitch a couple of years ago but couldn’t quite get the hang of it.  With more experience under my belt, I decided to try again – because it’s just so pretty!  I found the stitch pattern in one of my books, but did quite a bit of experimentation to get the edges to turn out the way I wanted.  The way the book described the stitch caused the edges to become quite jagged.  I plan to write up a pattern to share soon.

Afghan Sampler - star stitch front

The back shows a little bit of a star stitch, but not as distinct

Afghan Sampler - star stitch back

Pattern: my design – using the star stitch
Designer: me
Yarn: Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn
Colorway: 240 Linen
My Rav project page

 What have you been working on?

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  1. I love that star stitch!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I too love the star stitch and am so happy I now know how to make it. I see lots of stars in my future 🙂

  2. Those are really pretty stitch patterns.

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