Shawls and sunshine

Walden shawl front view

The sun has finally decided to appear after weeks of rain, snow and just plain cloudy/gloomy days.  It feels weird to have to put on sunglasses again to go outside.  But it also means that it has been slightly warmer and definitely more inviting outside.

The disadvantage to having a warm-up in late fall like this is the bugs!  Thousands of box elder bugs and Asian beetles. Yuck!  I think next year we might have to find someone to spray our house – it was utterly ridiculous this year.  You almost hate to open doors and windows – but they still manage to find their way into the house (and our house is new!)

too many bugs

On the “inside”, I have been working on shawls.  One of the women I met for First Free’s crafting weekend is trying to get a Prayer Shawl Ministry group going.  I’m not completely sure I’ll continue with it … I’m finding I much prefer making afghans instead of shawls.  Maybe that’s because when you’re making shawls, according to the pattern you’re 2/3 of the way done, but those last few rows take longer and longer to finish!

I also have had a tough time remembering to pray when making the shawls … especially when making for someone “anonymous”.  So I changed that and have decided I’m making a few as gifts for people close to me who I feel need comfort (shhh … I can’t tell you who!)

Walden shawl full view

I finished a shawl Friday night.  Mom and I were the only knitters/ crocheters to show up to FF’s monthly craft night (last Fri of the month) – and except for one other person, the only ones not scrapbooking (there was one quilter).  I needed to finish this shawl on Fri anyway because I was testing … of course!.  The shawl is called Walden by Sara Peterson (knottygnome).

Walden shawl front view

I made this in Red Heart Designer Sport.  I bought a ton of the yarn on clearance this spring because I loved the color – but then didn’t like the start of a sweater I tried making with it.  I think it turned out to be a beautiful shawl.  And I probably have more than enough of the yarn left to still make a sweater

Walden shawl back view

It’s done in a half-double stitch alternated with a herringbone half-double she describes in the pattern.  I think the herringbone stitch gives it even more of a slanted look than the triangular shawl would normally.   (I don’t know how to take “modeled” pictures … or at least to tell Papa how to take them!)

I’ve started on another shawl  (shh … don’t tell the anyone!) that I hope to have done in the next week or so.  And then a third – each as unique as their recipient.  And I’m even thinking of finishing one afghan and starting another.  But we’ll see … I’ve been known to get too ambitious before Christmas.

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