Chickens in the house??

Yep, we’re planning on having chickens … in our house. Well, temporarily anyway. Dave had built a brooder / coop in the basement for use until the weather gets warmer and he can build an outdoor coop and chicken run.

chick setup with heat lamp and feeders

We have 38 chicks coming in a couple of weeks:

  • 3 Buff Orpingtons hens
  • 3 Barred Rock hens
  • 3 Silver-laced Wyandottes hens
  • 3 Cornish roasters
  • 25 heavy-breed cockerels
  • 1 rare breed (he was free)

Sometime late spring we plan on butchering all but the first 9 hens (or is it all 12 hens? I can’t remember) and possibly keep one rooster out of the 26. So, the number #1 rule that Carmen has to keep reminding herself: no matter how cute and adorable those chicks are… No. Naming. the Dinner. 🙂

chicken coop in the house - temporarily in basement

Meanwhile, Dave has been busy building, and rearranging, and rethinking the plan. He even planned the coop so we can reuse most of the materials for their outdoor dwelling.

We have the heat lamp, bedding, timer for lights, feeders, water pans, chick feed, and a place for them to stay. Their new abode is a three-level “condo” with ramps. Now it’s just waiting for the chicks to arrive (that might be the hardest part!).

I can’t wait to see what poor ol’ Charlie thinks of those little fuzz balls when they arrive. We’ll probably see something like this… his long-suffering look of what are you doing to me now? Cause you know it’s HIS house after all.

Actually I think this picture is more … I’m bored. It’s cold. I have cabin fever. Can’t we go for a ride or something?!

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