Pattern release – Granny Toy Hammock

Granny Toy Hammock |
Granny Toy Hammock |

Another pattern that came out of necessity.  Like a lot of children, our daughter has an abundance of stuffed animals that are usually sitting on the floor.  I know you can buy toy hammocks but of course I would rather make one.

Granny Toy Hammock |

The hardest part is determining the size needed to fit between window and door frames.  However, since it’s a triangular design it is easily adjustable to the size you need.

Granny Toy Hammock |

It uses a traditional “granny square” stitch that is so familiar to many people.

Granny play shawl |

I made this toy hammock 3 years ago.  Sadly, our toy hammock STILL is not on the wall.  It was absconded by a little girl to use as a play shawl instead.

I do have to say it looked perfect with her 100-day outfit last year during school (I can’t get enough of those granny glasses!).

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  1. James S. Bowman says: Reply

    That’s granny toy is very cute! Your little girl looks like a princess here! So adorable!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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