Pattern release – Crandall the Cranky Crab

Crandall the Cranky Crab
Crandall the Cranky Crab

sigh Crandall. He makes me both proud and nostalgic at the same time. You see, this tiny little crab was one of my first designs. Not THE first, but pretty close. He’s waited so patiently for 8 long years to be officially introduced to the world. Or maybe it wasn’t so patiently. Perhaps that is why he’s so cranky!

crochet crab set

The good news is that he now has some friends to play with. They’re all bigger than he is, but he doesn’t mind.

This crab pattern can be made with any weight of yarn. The pattern includes material requirements for lace weight / thread all the way up to bulky weight yarns. Because only a few yards are needed, this design makes great use of little bits of leftover yarn.

There’s just one single problem though. This is rather a “potato chippy” pattern… you can’t make just one. The evidence is in the fact that I wanted to make one friend for Crandall to be sure my instructions were clear, but ended up making 3! Or maybe that’s because I have a 6-year-old who loves Mom’s little creations 🙂

two crabs in a shell

I also have some news regarding my designs. You now have more options on where to purchase them!

  1. You can still purchase on Ravelry
  2. and on Love Crafts
  3. and lastly, I’m also slowing adding them to my own shop!

The reason for all the various places it to give my patterns more exposure, but I also recognize that not everyone likes or uses Ravelry … although I have yet to figure out why not :-).

I wanted some place where I could sell some of the products I’m developing – like the Braided Leather purse handles, stitch markers, and the digital PDF patterns. They’re all related but most sites make it difficult or impossible to sell them all together.

So Crandall can be purchased on:
… and Love Crafts.

There are no differences with the pattern on any of the sites, it’s only a matter of preference – and if you prefer to use certain sites that store your patterns in an online library.

If you make one of these cute little crabs, please share with me! I would love to see it in different colors and yarns!

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  1. Little Crandall is so cute! If I had some little kids in the family I would have made one (or two,three…) Happy Easter to ou and your family!

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