FO Friday – Strib Hat #3 and WIPs

Strib hat #3

Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Yes, I finished another Strib Hat.  I really like this pattern.  After making it for the third time I basically have it memorized, although I might have made the stripes different widths than the original.

Strib hat #3

After seeing the other hats at Christmas, my sister-in-law requested one that would help keep her warm while walking her dogs.  All three of them … two little girls (Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu? I’m not sure) and one sweet but giant female Great Dane!  She requested it in Aubergine … to match her coat.  I just happened to have this “Grape” color in my stash – to work on that sweater I just frogged.  I don’t think using up a little bit for her hat will leave me short on yarn for my sweater.

This time I cast-on the number of stitches for the toddler size but used the larger sized needles called for when making the adult hat. I think it’s a perfect fit! I plan to get it sent off to her in the next day or so.

Pattern: Strib Hat
Designer: Kelly Williams
Yarns: Red Heart Soft, Caron One Pound and Red Heart Super Saver
Colorways: 3729 Grape, Black 503 and 0311 White
My Rav project page

Papa says I switch back and forth too much and claims he can’t keep track of what project I’m doing … so what else am I working on?

Strib Hat #4 ready to start

Oh, look … it’s the makings of another Strib Hat, ready to go in my project bag. I just need to find some red color.

I think Papa “complains” because he keeps asking if I’m working on my weather project, and I usually reply “No.” Making just 48 stitches every day is quick and completely do-able.  I work on it, and then it’s put away until the next day.  I’m not sure why I was worried about keeping up.

project bag for weather afghan

All the yarn colorways I picked out are being stored in a project bag. It’s almost a shame, because I love that bag… but I guess it means it’s allowed to stay out in the open all year long and I have the privilege of using it every single day.

weather afghan - Jan 15

This is a picture I took of it on Wednesday. The first 15 days of the month.

Someone on my Ravelry Weather Knitting or Crochet group commented they didn’t envy me all those ends to weave in.  My plan is I’m going to make sure each monthly block is FINISHED … including weaving in ends before I move onto the next month.  That will save me the hassle of doing it all and the end of 2014 – or not completing my afghan until late into the next year.

I like the color variations that are coming out. I was concerned we might be in for a burst of blue color (my 30-39°F range), but yesterday only reached 28° and it’s expected to be in the teens today and tomorrow. I have to say I think this is the only time I’ve ever wanted the temperatures to fluctuate in January … just so my square doesn’t get boring!

Last week I cut a few fabric strips to make my log cabin block.

log cabin fabric strips

I was tough getting that part done as someone kept wanting to get into stuff in the craft room she shouldn’t.  *sigh* I miss nap times.  This week we’re supposed to sew the strips together into the log cabin front.  We’ll see how much I get done.  I don’t have enough strips cut to make much more than one – or maybe two blocks, but even that would be a victory for me as I’ve never done anything like this before!

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  1. You have made me wanting to knit those hats too! It is on my want to do list 🙂 It will be nice to see the logcabin blocks. I know it is not easy to work with a little one around who wants to explore the whole craft room! I have been there too! Now I only have a cat who wants to “help” me sewing. As soon as she hears the sound of the sewing machine, she will be there, and jump up on my projects on my working table. When she saw the finished table runner on the table in our living room last night, she jumped up and lay down on it. She never use to stay on that table. I guess she thought, “at last I can try it without being pushed away!”
    I like that idea with the weather crochet project!! Fun! I saw another project where to choose the color of the day from what mood you were in. I think it must be easier to work with some facts like the temperature. Enjoy your weekend with your family and crafts!

    1. Marit – With all the socks you crank out, making hats should be a breeze! I love your cats “helping” you sew. Ok, maybe a child is easier … or at least she eventually should grow into helping instead of hindering. Thanks for stopping by again!

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