FO Friday – Knotted Rib Hat - Knotted Rib Hat with brim

Whew. I just managed to complete a project to show off this week. I’m up-to-date on all my past projects so I needed something. Normally a hat takes me a couple of nights to crank out. This one took an amazingly full 9 days. Granted, I didn’t work on it every night but still – it didn’t make up as fast I’d hope. - Knotted Rib Hat  with brim

It’s a simple pattern – just knit sections with alternating pfb (purl front/back) and p2tog (purl 2 together) in alternating rows – that creates the “knots” in the rib. I think the purl sections really slowed me down. However, I love how the hat turned out. As usual, my hat is rather large around. I had thought about going a needle size down but I’m sure it’ll fit someone. I may even keep it for myself because it is made long enough so you can create a brim. Brims that fold down over your ears can be handy if you’re out walking and suddenly realize far more windy and cold than originally thought! - Knotted Rib Hat inside out

One cool feature about the hat is it’s completely reversible. The picture above is “inside out” with a brim. This is how it looks right-side out, fully extended without a brim (but the color turned out odd). - Knotted Rib Hat full view

Pattern: Knotted Rib Hat
Designer: Luise O’Neill
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Colorway: 9906 Dk Country Blue
My Ravelry page - colored pens

This is almost non-news, but last week I purchased some fun colored pens so I could add some cute pages to my 2015 art journal/wreck-it book.  However, I haven’t had time to really work on anything new – I just keep adding to the lists and pages I’ve already created. Maybe soon…

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  1. I love a good reversible hat, especially for my youngest son who invariably puts his on inside out. He says I’m the only one who can tell it’s inside out anyways, but I have taken to making his reversible. this is a good one to add to my stockpile of future knits. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have had my eye on this knotted rib hat for a while now. Please come by and share with us at our Yarn Fanatic Party! We miss your beautiful creations.

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