FO Friday – doily and washcloths

The Gift Doily

If you read this blog earlier this spring, you may know already that I “finished” this doily a couple of months ago.  Last weekend I made myself a list of projects that needed just a little push before I could mark them off as complete.  As a result, I finally blocked this doily.  *sigh*  Each time I finish one of this pattern I’m still in awe of how simple yet pretty it is.  This is the fourth time I’ve made The Gift Doily pattern and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The Gift Doily

  I never got around to mentioning some more dishcloths / washcloths I made last month.  I’ve had this cute cotton “twist” yarn in my stash for a while and tried to make a couple of items from it, but it never wanted to be anything fancy.  I finally decided to make just a simple stockinette washcloth from it.  I love how it turned out!  The pattern is simple:

  • CO 36.
  • 3 rows of knit.
  • Stockinette design with 3 knit-edges on both sides.
  • Finish with 4 rows of knit and BO.    
simple stockinette green washcloth

  Like the Sick of Winter washcloth I came up with this spring, I had a lot of fun creating this next pattern on my own.  Sometimes it’s nice not to have to follow a written or charted pattern – just think of a repetition and go with it.  I went with a rotating knit 5, purl 5 pattern.  With the variegated yarn it turned out cute.  For lack of a better name, I’m calling this one my Diagonal Stripe washcloth.  I’m having it tested in a Ravelry group right now so it should be available soon.  

diagonal stripe washcloth

  This next one turned out to be a cute pattern.  I thought it would be fun to try some different stitch patterns and have found these are the perfect bath-time project (for Little Chick, not me). In order to find this pattern you will need to join the Yahoo group Monthly Dishcloths.  It can be found in the KALS 2012 files folder.  The pattern is called Rippling Diag by Janet Nogle.  

Rippling Diag washcloth

6 Replies to “FO Friday – doily and washcloths”

  1. Beverly Topper says: Reply

    would like to crochet the The gift Doily but not able to. could you sen the pattern to my email address please

    1. It’s not my pattern to share, even if it is free. I found a copy of the pattern at It is sometimes called Two-Toned Doily in which case there is a version at Totally Free Crochet. Have fun making this pattern – it’s a wonderful design!

  2. Hi I’d love to crochet the gift doilie would you please send me the pattern. BTW how large is it?

    1. This isn’t my pattern, but you can download it here:
      It works up to be about 8″ across after blocking.

  3. I would love to have the pattern .I can not find this site

    1. The free pattern for this doily can be found here: I verified today that the link still works.

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