Giveaway guide

What do all those icons mean on the giveaway posts?!  A lot of entries require some type of action or social media following.  These will help identify which ones are required.  Each giveaway may have additional entries that are optional that use social media, but as long as you can have one entry without, I will not show the icons.

grey button : doesn’t really mean anything.  I just wanted a icon for non-social media posts so they all format nicely and look pretty.

email icon : requires signing up for their newsletter or email updates.

facebook icon : requires a Facebook “like”.  (Note: you can hover over the “Liked” button after and uncheck the “Show in News Feeds” option if you don’t want clutter).

google plus icon : requires a Google+ circle follow or G+ on the post.

instagram icon : requires an Instagram follow.

pinterest icon : requires either following on Pinterest or pinning a picture, which requires an account

twitter icon : requires either following on Twitter or tweeting, which requires an account

ravelry icon : requires a userid on Ravelry and sometimes joining a group / forum to enter

flower icon : requires use of your crafty skills by making a paper project, knitting or crochet an object, etc.  Sometimes also referred to as KALs (knit-a-longs) or CALs (crochet-a-longs).

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