FO Friday and a 5th birthday - 5th birthday

I feel like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. It hasn’t been intentional. My laptop died – well, the video card did. Dell can’t replace it so they’re sending a replacement laptop since it’s still under warranty, but they’re taking their sweet time about it. Meanwhile, I’m stuck using a spare computer with horrible wireless connection and trying to get what I can from my online backups.

Meanwhile … Little Chick turned 5 years old this week! How in the world did that happen? - 5th birthday

We saw several family members over Thanksgiving and she received a couple of gifts then, so the actual day was rather low-key, with a trip to the mall to attempt to see Santa (he was working elsewhere that morning 🙁 ), a bit of shopping, then home to pick up the cupcakes to take to her 4K classroom. - rainbow cupcakes

Little Chick often enjoys watching YouTube videos with me on cake decorating. I get grand ideas (illusions?) as to what I can make for her. It’s too bad her birthday is only once a year LOL! In the end, Papa made these rainbow cupcakes – white batter split into different bowls and tinted with blue, green and red. The strawberry pink frosting was store bought as were the fun sprinkles. But when you have to make 21 cupcakes (19 students + 2 teachers) for school alone, we’re not going to get too fancy! Apparently the kids enjoyed them.

After school, we had venison hot dogs per Little Chick’s request and then she opened a few gifts. - Baymax amigurumi

Last summer we saw the movie Big Hero 6 at our town’s Independence Day celebration. We haven’t seen the movie appear on Netflix or any other of our subscription options so we decided to purchase it for her birthday. Along with that, I made her a little Baymax amigurumi which she opened before the movie. She received a few other items … including something else I made, but I don’t feel like digging through the backups to show it right now. Maybe later :-).

Pattern: Baymax from Big Hero 6
Designer: Erin Huynh
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco
Colorway: 0001 Soft White
My Ravelry page

I really need to figure out how to stop this growing up business.  The last 5 years have flown by too fast…

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