February storm

2009_02 Winter storm firepit

Late winter/early spring storms are so funny. Here we were with little to no snow left on the ground (despite the 2-3″ from last weekend), and along comes a snowstorm that dumps several inches just in a matter of hours. It started snowing yesterday while Papa and I were eating lunch (we met at Hy-vee for salad bar), and was done before I left work at 5pm! KTTC’s weather blog said this about the storm: “not enough for an igloo” :D. Made for pretty scenery even if it made the drive home difficult.

winter storm on deck

I was stuck in a “catch 22” when I was leaving work – I had put my snow scraper in the trunk but I needed to get the scraper out before I could clear off the trunk. The snow made the trunk lid very heavy!

winter storm by fire pit

Tonight I finished a thread version of the Nordstrom Hobo Bag. It was made with size-3 thread in black (obviously) and is only about 6″ tall. I put a kleenex inside so you could see the stitches. I plan on putting a zipper in the top and lining it so it could be used as a coin purse or other small purse accessory. I started this quite a while ago, but it was put aside over Christmas. I needed black thread for something else, so it was time to finish this project.

Nordstrom Hobo purse as a coin purse

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