Crafting a New Year 2013

Rose Scallop doily

I haven’t posted anything lately about the crafts I was finishing … probably because I didn’t finish much until recently.  In October, I finally “finished” a huge doily I’d made 18 months prior but never got around to blocking it.  I decided it would make a great wedding present for my uncle.  The pattern, called Rose Scallop Doily, was part of a Crochet-A-Long on ThreadAddicts Yahoo group.  Someone found a charted pattern online and “translated” it into written instructions.

Rose Scallop doily

Around the same time I finally finished my daughter’s curtains.  Yippee!  My first real sewing project completed and I didn’t even really follow a pattern.  The polka dot material was actually a 50¢ purchase from Goodwill – it’s a flannel sheet, but I thought it would look so cute as curtains.  I lined the curtains with some white cotton fabric I had on hand.  I would have gotten away with super-cheap curtains, but I wanted something a little warm and better able to block the light.  So I purchased some bright pink fleece to use as a secondary curtain. My husband got the bright idea of attaching them to the first curtains with snaps.  The other big expense were the extra large grommets – but it made hanging the curtains so easy.

polka dot curtains - closed view
polka dot curtains - open view
polka dot curtains - closeup view
curtains - fleece lining

In December, we had lots of things happening.  Of course, there was a second birthday party!  My brother-in-law, Eric and I had a grand time the day before we celebrated.  I found a recipe for marshmallow fondant and we made up Veggie Tales characters.  Em loves Veggies Tales … just ask her Papa who has to watch several episodes a day!  The cake was a bigger hit with the adults (dark chocolate with raspberry filling and Swiss buttercream frosting) … she didn’t eat much of it and preferred the homemade ice cream instead.

VeggieTales birthday cake

I was finally able to finish a shawl remake for my aunt.  I think she gave me the shawl back in the fall of 2010 because she wanted it a bit wider to help cover her arms.  Hopefully it’s big enough this time.  It’s not the same pattern as the one I finished in 2009.  I got tired of trying to make all those special stitches, so I just used a half-double crochet (hdc) in the back loop only.  I like how it turned out. I just hope it’s big enough now.

blue shawl full view
blue shawl closeup

This year the department I work for decided to change how we handled Christmas and instead of chipping in for a larger gift for our manager and he in turn buying something for each of us, we decided on a theme, found a gift, and played a game to exchange them.  It was a lot of fun.  This year, the theme was “Green” – so we needed a gift relating either to the color or to something ecological.  I wrapped up a green colored reusable grocery bag and made a bag and a scrubbie to go with it.  Unfortunately, the bag ended up being a lot smaller than I expected – but they can use it as a produce bag (it’s made with nylon thread so it’s super-strong).

green scrubbie
Shifting Shells Shopping Bag

I got out my blocking board in late December and finished up several projects including quite a few snowflakes.  The first non-snowflake thread project is called “A Rose in a Dream” by Teresa Misale and it can also be found on the ThreadAddicts Yahoo group.  It was something made in 2011, but I never got around to washing and blocking it.  The second item is from Patricia Kristoffersen’s (I love her work!) Coasters by the Dozen book – #1 Striking coaster.  Not sure how it’s suppose to work as a coaster since it’s a bit 3-dimensional, but it’s pretty nonetheless.  I just made this last week.

crocheted coaster - A Rose in A Dream
Coasters by the Dozen pattern

And here comes the blizzard…

99 Snowflakes #2
99 Snowflakes #21
Snowflake Gift Topper
99 Snowflakes #299 Snowflakes #21BHG – Chain Loop
99 Snowflakes #61
99 Snowflakes #53
Martha Stewart - Crocheted Snowflakes pattern 3
99 Snowflakes #6199 Snowflakes #53Martha Stewart Crocheted Snowflakes #3
99 Snowflakes #15
JPFun Eyelet Lace Snowflake
unknown snowflake
99 Snowflakes #15JPFun Eyelet Laceunknown snowflake
Snowcatcher Snowflake Monday - Crystal Peak
unknown snowflake
JPFun - Filigree Crystal Snowflake
Snowcatcher Crystal Peakunknown snowflakeJPFun Filigree Crystal
99 Snowflakes #20
99 Snowflakes #7
99 Snowflakes #3
99 Snowflakes #2099 Snowflakes #799 Snowflakes #3
99 Snowflakes #1
Snowcatcher Snowflake Monday - Queen's Stage
99 Snowflakes #1Snowcatcher Queen’s Stage

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