WIP Wednesday – socks

socks in progress

My unfinished list has gotten quite a bit smaller lately.  I think blogging about them helps – it keeps me motivated because I want to be able to show you what I’ve finished!  I’m down to just these left:

  • A sweater for myself.  I’ll probably frog and start this one over because I found a problem and a couple of wonky stitches.  Since it’s for me, it drops to a low priority and will now wait until after Christmas regardless of what I decide to do with it.
  • the Between Meals Centerpiece I showed you last week.  This too will mostly wait until after the holidays.
  • the Sapphire Wrap I technically finished back in August but it still needs blocking and final pictures taken.
  • and these puppies:
socks in progress

I started making these as a test knit … oh, back in July 2012.  The first sock was done by the deadline (end of August) and I had started on the second but never finished it.  I’m toying with the idea of making some socks for presents – which means I need the needles freed up before I can start a new project.

I’m past the difficult part at the back of the heel.  Now it’s just stockinette stitches around with decreases over the arches and sewing the toe together.  I’m hoping maybe I can finish it this week.

p.s.  My WIP / UFO list won’t stay this short for long … I haven’t added my new Christmas projects to it yet.  I just need to keep in manageable and not get carried away since there are only 48 short days left until Christmas (ack!)

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3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – socks”

  1. Amazing color for socks.

  2. I have a hard time staying on track with projects that I start too, I am so glad I am not the only one! I have a giant afghan that has been in the works for two years now, and I actually just joined all the squares a couple weeks ago. I always get so excited to start a new project and then I lose momentum and start another one hahaha. Your socks look awesome, keep it up!! And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. I’m impressed w the one sock! Something I could never do (which means you’ve done so much more than I!) nice job so far!

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