Winning Wednesday

Spot-It game

Have you ever played this game before? I was able to snag a brand-new, unopened Spot It at a rummage sale recently. I had heard good reviews but we had never played it before.

There are several different games in the rules instructions, but since this is rated for 7+ and it looked as though many had more to do with speed, I made up our own version that I thought would be simpler for Little Chick.  Our version just distributes 5 cards to each player and then we take turns trying to find a match between the turned over card and the cards in our hands.  If you can find multiple matches (same picture), you can get rid of cards faster.  Five cards seems a good amount as each round is completed quickly and holds the attention a pre-K’er.


It’s a current favorite in our household! She wants to play every night after supper with me and even snuck in a quick couple rounds before I left for work this morning. It’s funny though … she’s quite the trash-talker, and I’m not sure where or how she picked that up. Not that she talks dirty; but she spends just as much time telling me “I’m going to win” or “I’m going to beat you!” than she does concentrating on the game. It’s hilarious!  At least she’s a good sport when Mama wins (occasionally).

Anyone have other game suggestions for pre-K / K age group?  We’re a bit lacking in games and the ones we did pick don’t seem to hold much interest for Little Chick.  She loves puzzles and apparently card games.  Since she hasn’t officially learned to add to 15, she can’t beat the pants off Papa in cribbage (yet).

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  1. We need to find Husker Du so Tee can challenge her and Da! 🙂 (Considering I was about that age beating Da)

    1. Sad to say, but Husker Du is nowhere to be found. We went looking this weekend; Mom says there are several games missing 🙁

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