Spring 2019 homestead update

Here we are, ready to share our usual happenings around the place for April? March? What month is this anyway?!

The chickens are happy that there is no snow on the ground – or at least none that sticks around (we had snow showers last Saturday). Although those silly hens are not real fond of rainy weather either. If we leave the garage doors open during the day, they decide that is an awesome spot to hang out: plenty of room to walk around (and poop) while staying dry. Plus, they’re that much closer to the bag of sunflower seeds, just in case a human a human would happen to walk by. They’re so in love with those seeds, they will come barreling across the front yard to the garage when they see my car pull in the driveway. And they’ll talk to us when we’re near just so we’re sure to notice them. (Note: we don’t feed them sunflower seeds everyday otherwise they would fill up on that and not eat delicious bugs, grubs, etc.)

Speckled Sussex hen

Papa is keeping an eye on Oreo – one of our three Speckled Sussex hens. She doesn’t seem to be doing well. Yesterday she sat for long periods of time with her feathers fluffed out and slept, while the other hens roamed and pecked at the ground. Every once in a while she’d get up, find something to eat, but then go back to huddling down in one spot. This isn’t a good sign.

Not sure what we could – or would want to, do for her. I can’t remember when exactly we got those three Sussex hens – our last batch of baby chicks arrived in 2013 and they weren’t among them. So that means Blondie and Brun are already 6 years old which makes the others at least 7? 8? (Update: Papa reminded me that we did get another batch of chicks the year after, so Oreo must be 5). Not that she’d go in the stew pot, even if we were sure she wasn’t sick. We never have learned that you shouldn’t name your livestock! 🙂

The mole’s are liking this spring weather too. We thought we had pushed them so they would only attack the back of our property or the neighbor’s land (it’s the back wooded section of a farm), but we’ve spotted several mounds close to the back of the garage. Finley is too slow to catch the squirrels, rabbits and deer that scurry / hop / amble through our yard, but moles he can catch! (he caught the one above).

Finley loves this time of year where he can spend his days laying in the sunshine on our back deck. That way he can keep track of what is going on outside and occasionally bark at something – or nothing. #ILoveBassets

wet and rainy May

Normally this time of year I could start showing you pictures of our garden, but this year there’s not much to see yet. We did manage to plant some peas a few weeks ago and there are sprouts coming up. I got so far behind in late winter / early spring that I never got around to starting seeds indoors. In fact, we barely have any seeds in the house – only the peas that Papa already planted and whatever we had leftover from last year!

Can you believe I didn’t finish ANY craft projects in April?! I did work on crafts, I just didn’t finish anything. Perhaps I should have a Making (and finishing) May…

We had a quiet Easter at home this year – the first time in over a decade where we’ve spent the day in our own home / local church. We decided to not even do a big dinner for the day. Little Chick instead suggested we make bunny shaped pancakes. They were delicious and easy!

We’d love to hear what’s happening where you live! Comment below 🙂

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