Duck Weather

puddles and ponds

  It rained almost an inch (.85″) last Monday.  It rained 1.5″ on Tuesday.  It rained another 2.5″ on Wednesday. It rained .9″ yesterday. (For my metric friends: 2.2 + 3.8 + 6.4 + 2.3 cm). We had a brief shower yesterday morning after seeing the sun’s glorious face – for about 30 min during church. […]

The Imposter Gardener

cabbage destroyed by worms |

I’m struggling with a bit of Imposter Syndrome lately.  I mean, who am I to blog about how to grow a garden, when our own garden is pfffft!? We came home from our camping vacation to discover the cabbage plants all but destroyed. Papa found at least one worm crawling on it – but my guess […]

First harvest 2016

radishes |

This is an exciting time of the year: getting to harvest our first produce from the garden. Although, it didn’t go exactly as planned. A week ago I had checked one section of the garden where I thought I had planted radishes, but when testing, I pulled up long, tiny threads. Then I assumed it was […]