Pattern release – Ribbed Fingerless Mitts

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The building where I work is less than 10 years old, and the office space where I work is even more recent – less than 3 years.  Regardless, they seem to have a tough time getting and keeping a good temperature for us.  Most of the time, even in the summer, I’m freezing.  While I always have a cardigan sweater available, and even a baby blanket tucked in my drawer for emergencies, sometimes I just need to warm up my fingers.

ribbed-fingerless-mitts |

That is how this pattern was born. I had tried making a fingerless mitt pattern before – and in the pattern’s defense, “skinny” was part of the name, but they were SUPER skinny! I wanted something that wouldn’t be too tight and would stretch to fit a variety of hand sizes.

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These mitts are ribbed only on the back side. The palm-side is smooth. Plus, they are small enough you can throw into a bag or purse to carry with you!

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What is your “normal” temperature – hot, cold, or just right?

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