Mystery quilt - Mystery quilt top

I have a mystery item in my household. - Mystery quilt top

It’s a hand-made quilt. You can tell because of the neat but definitely not machine-made stitching. It’s a old quilt. Not only does it have that vintage look, but some of the batting has all but disappeared in places. - Mystery quilt rip

Sadly, there are a couple of sections on the top that are torn slightly. I wouldn’t have the first clue as to how to fix it.

The top of the quilt has beautiful red, blue and gold colors. What’s odd is the backing – it’s a lilac purple. It also looks in better shape than the top of the quilt so I’m guessing it was a replacement at some point. Why that color when it doesn’t even coordinate, I’ll never know. - Mystery quilt back

What’s most odd about this quilt is … where did it come from?!

For the longest time, it sat tucked away in a closet, protected from use and the elements because I knew it wasn’t in great shape. I thought that it came from my aunt’s estate when she died, but I can’t confirm that. No one recognizes the quilt from either side of my family!

So … since it doesn’t hold any sentimental value for myself or apparently anyone else, I’ve decided we should use it. I’ve taken it to the park a couple of times and we’ve even washed with no apparent further damage.

What would you do? Would you use it or tuck it away because it’s old?

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  1. It is a lovely old quilt. Since it does not have any sentimental value, I think I too would have used it. Isn’t it great to think of the old mystery history, and that the quilt can still be useful 🙂

  2. That was in your hope chest – but not sure anything more than that. I remember it from growing up and you liking the purple so you wanted it. (remember the purple room) Use it! Worn out with love is much better than stored and never seen hugs in it. 🙂

  3. Hello there,
    Just found your blog. What fun. The pattern is an Ohio Star. To prevent the holes/tears from worsening, you might just ‘applique’ a small piece of fabric over the top of them. I’m not good at dating quilts, but I would guess 1930-40’s. Looks like it was made to snuggle up into. Quilts warm our hearts as well as our bodies:) I really think they are happiest when being used and appreciated. Kudos to you for doing so.

    1. That you for the pattern information and for the tip on preventing more tears. I’ll have to make sure I do something soon.

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