Mourning Dove Shawl

Mourning Dove shawl

I have been waiting for months to be able to share this design with you, and now It’s HERE!!

Mourning Dove shawl

This design is a trip down memory lane…

When I was little, my uncle lived way out in the country on the family farm near Viroqua, Wisconsin. I loved visiting that farm! My great-grandfather built the house and so there was a lot of family history. It was the place where aunts, uncles, and cousins would all gather for family events because there were enough rooms to house all of us. The bedrooms upstairs were only used during these family events as he was a bachelor until his 50’s. Those rooms were cold in the winter unless the stairwell was opened to let heat upstairs, and they were hot in the summer – unless a cool breeze happened to push through the enormous pine trees lining the road.

Pineview Farms 1978

Summer was always the best time. We could romp around and plan in the semi-empty corn crib. Frequently you could find tractor tire ruts around the house filled with water – and tadpoles swimming around.

Tadpoles in a Puddle
photo by Steve Partridge

I learned to ride a bike… on the front yard grass with my uncle trailing on behind, holding on to the seat!  And there were always baby kittens to play with – or at least try and coax them out of hiding.

And then there were the sounds: cicadas singing during those sultry summer nights and the soft cooing of mourning doves. The farm has since been sold to someone else but I still have those wonderful memories. Plus, I’m happy to say that where we live now we often see and hear mourning doves! In fact, it was during a walk down our rural lane that inspired this shawl design. Their rounded heads and soft greys, browns and blacks reflected in the mourning dove feathers were perfectly matched for this design and colorway!

Mourning Dove

This lovely crocheted shawl is the perfect design for those that want a little coverage during warm summer nights while still allowing yourself to feel the cooling breezes. It’s light and airy, and makes a great accessory to dress up plain shirts!

The main body of the shawl is a two-row repeat so it is easy to learn and continue without having to constantly check the pattern again. It’s the kind of project I love to have with me in the summertime when there are lots of interruptions and travel opportunities that might require projects with little concentration.

What did you think of that top picture of the shawl – isn’t it amazing? What would you think if I told you my 7 year old daughter took that picture?! She made me look GOOD! 🙂

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