Living and Active – final week

Living and Active challenge

So how did I do the final two weeks?  Pfffft.  Translation: not good.

I was derailed by life happenings.  Just like last year, I caught a cold and then ended up with a persistent cough that made it difficult to do much of anything for a week or more.

Last week I was further hindered by a conference trip for work.  There was a really nice park with a walking path nearby and the hotel had an exercise room (supposedly) but my co-worker and I left the room at 7:30 am each morning and they kept us busy until 9 pm each night.  Too dark to walk in downtown Minneapolis before and after and not enough energy at the end of the day for the exercise room. The conference was so small that our rooms and the meeting rooms for the classes were all in the same hotel, so I didn’t even have the advantage of walking a long distance to get to our classes.  The only long walk we had was on a dinner excursion out to the Mall of America on Wednesday evening – and even then we only had about an hour to walk around after our dinner.

So … what’s the plan now?  I really need to come up with a way to start working on some sort of exercise each day.  Despite the fact that I’m not a morning person, I know ideally, it’s best to work out in the morning.  The problem is dark streets this time of year and sleeping family (I can’t do too much jumping around in the house).  For now, I’m going to concentrate on getting my walks in at lunchtime … at least while the weather is still fairly decent (this week is the mid-40s).  I’m also going to make more of a push to get outside and exercise on the weekends instead of being an indoor bum – like I was this past weekend.

If anyone has advice on indoor exercise that can be done quietly or with a toddler, I’d love to hear some ideas…

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  1. i know it can be frustrating, but i had to make the time because i never had any time. for me, that means up at 6 am. ugh.

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