FO Friday – stitch markers

circus aluminum stitch markers |

At the end of May I accomplished two brave goals. One was to publish my Trinity Cabled pillows. The other was to finally get some stock into the ASimpleHomestead Etsy shop!

I’ve been making a variety of different types of stitch markers for a while now. In the past I gave several away to friends and family.  Even though my couch / project bags / the outdoors seem to “eat” my markers on a regular basis, I have actually managed to stay ahead in my own stash. So I thought it was time to share them with the world.

circus aluminum stitch markers |

I have a ton of jewelry beads, wire and other fixings in my craft stash but I’ve realized I don’t really like making jewelry. I’d much rather make stitch markers! These bright, simple rings have been some of my favorites to make. I really want to make more but I think I should wait until I sell half my stash before investing in more supplies :-).

twisties polymer stitch marker sets |

A couple months ago, I remembered that I also had a stash of polymer clay that might be fun to use! I call these “Twisties” (twist-ees). I love making these even more than the beaded ones. I’ve played with a couple techniques such as glazing and how to assemble.

twisties polymer stitch marker sets |

The color combinations are endless – I’ve just scratched the surface of possibilities! My consistency is improving with time, in getting the length and twist the same.

my polymer clay helper |

I love that this is a safe craft for Little Chick to be around. She likes to be my “helper” and play with me. I have a small stash of polymer that I keep letting her reuse; it doesn’t ever dry out completely – you only need to knead with your hands to make it pliable again.  Not much more expensive than playdough and just as much fun!

polymer eggs |

Every once in a while I’ll take something she’s created and bake it so it hardens. Like this artwork. She made me eggs :-). Why are they silver? I have no idea. They almost look more like alien eyeballs LOL.

What do you think of my designs? What colors would you love to see?

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  1. Nice! I love the multicolored rings, but the dangling types are easier for me to grab. One suggestion; a somewhat different marker per set for start of row when knitting in the round 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea! I’ve gotten several sets with one different marker but I didn’t think about it this time. I’ll have to start adding an extra one.

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