FO Friday – shorts

shorts back view

It’s a bonus Finished Object Friday!  Apparently, I’ve been rather crafty of late and can’t keep up with everything I’ve finished.  Sadly, I don’t have a lot of pictures for this one – or even good pictures because they were stolen for wearing before I could take a picture.

The story behind the post:  a year or more ago I had a shirt ruined in the laundry.  It looks as though it had bleached spilled on it, which is strange because we rarely use bleach.  It was a bright pink shirt, so there was no hiding the spots.  It sat while I vacillated between tossing it or trying to “paint” a design on it with more bleach using a bleach pen.  I ended up doing neither.  We are having a rummage sale this weekend and there were a couple of shirts I was going to sell until I realized that I couldn’t BUY material for the price I was going to sell them.  That gave me the idea for the shirt.

handmade shorts - front view

The shirt was made from that stretchy material – the name of which escapes me.  The same stuff leggings are made from.  Little Chick is sadly lacking in shorts for this summer and even thin leggings.  I was able to get one pair of shorts out of the material and have enough for at least one pair of leggings.  Awesome!

homemade shorts - back view

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