Chicks and ducks and geese better scurry…

flock of month-old chickens

Alright, I confess.  We only have chicks. Maybe someday we’ll have ducks and geese.

But as for scurrying … our monthlings (our 1-2 month-old chicks) make it nearly impossible to capture a picture.  As soon as it comes out – they take off like a shot, either running far enough away my little camera can’t cope or hiding in the run.  There’s only one hen that doesn’t seem to be too camera-shy.

no name hen

Since she’s friendly – or at least friendlier than the rest, I might have to name her :).

Our rains still have not let up much.  It still rains every or every other day.  On top of that, it’s been humid beyond belief.  85 – 90ºF with 60%+ humidity.  Seriously, I think we somehow transplanted to a tropical rainforest.

A funny thing happened about a week ago.  We had a major storm roll through around 7:30 pm.  My husband and Finley were over at a friends house, so it was just Little Chick and I home alone.  A personal note about me:  I hate storms.  Always have.  Some people love them, sleep well through them, go outside to watch the rolling clouds.  Me?  I’d rather go hide in the basement – except ours is unfinished and not very nice to hang out in.

Anyway – back to the story.  Storm is rolling in.  I’m watching the radar and seeing lots of orange, red and even pink (which is worse than red).  The trees are whipping around and I’m debating about grabbing Little Chick and heading downstairs.  Then the sirens went off.  I literally ticked off the seconds while listening to see if it was the fire whistle (rolling sound) or tornado (sustained tone).  Whew.  Just the fire call.  I looked out our north window over to the chicken coop and saw what looked like a group of dead leaves (brown) on top of the chicken coop.   Not too surprising given the fact that the wind had knocked other branches down, but I thought it was odd that this bunch of leaves was brown and not green.  Then my husband walked in, brought Finley inside and was going to lock the chickens in the coop.  Those brown “leaves”?  They were our monthlings!  Sitting on top of the coop!  Silly birds.  It was even funnier watching my husband try and chase those birds back into the coop through that wind and rain.

flock of month-old chickens

The baby chicks haven’t changed much.  They’re still cute and fluffy – and seem to be surviving.

baby chicks

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